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Robotic crawlers are one of many products featured on the Spectis Robotics website. The company first became established for selling world-leading Robotic Crawlers and Camera Systems. For over ten years, our family of products have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible. The crawlers featured on the website are supplied by Dekra and SuperDroid, make sure to visit the website to view all products available through Spectis Robotics: www.spectisrobotics.com

Robotic crawlers are best described as being similar to remote control cars. They are mostly used in areas such as; tank inspections, large vessel and pipelines. Robotic crawlers are great for situations where long distances need to be travelled to complete an inspection, and hard to reach areas across all industrial and manufacturing applications, this includes voids, tanks, containers and mine-shafts. The use of robotic crawlers ensures the safety of all personnel and all information provided by the crawler can be used in many ways. Robotic crawlers are used widely for issues related to safe, efficient and reliable remote visual inspection (RVI) of assets and equipment in many different industries, including oil and gas, aeronautical, energy, mining and utilities.

Robotic crawlers generally require long controlling distance along with a good battery life to be sustainable out in the field. The majority of robotic crawlers are supplied with tank like treads or miniature construction-grade tires due to the debris that can cause harm to the manoeuvrability of the crawler. The tires allow the safe mobility of the device in different inspection conditions.

Some robotic crawlers are designed to work above and below the water line, with some featuring attached elements, such as cleaning tools, to clean areas within the vessel allowing the required inspections to take place. Internal and external tank and vessel inspections are both possible through the use of robotic crawlers.

Robotic crawlers are now being used to carry out wind turbine inspections, specifically the remote-controlled inspection of rotor blades on wind turbines through an EU-funded project for Dekra. This project has delivered considerable improvements to the safety of personnel during the inspection process. Dekra is the leader of its field in oil and gas. The new remote-controlled inspection system, or robotic crawler, is primarily used in power plants and various other areas of the oil and gas industry. The crawler has been designed to remove risk to people and reduce the over all time of the inspection.


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