Ex-rental Systems available for purchase

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Inuktun Versatrax 100 MKII System
Parallel Chassis
Spectrum 45 Camera
Rear Facing Crystal Cam Camera
Command and Control Case and Laptop with ICON/InPRO
300m Tether on a Peli Case Reel
100m Depth Rating

Inuktun 4 Track Custom Crawler System
Microtrac based 4 track crawler system with custom articulated chassis.
Base chassis for 12”pipe size. Configuration kits for 16”, 20”, 24” & 30” supplied.
Spectrum 45 Camera
300m/1000ft tether on a powered reel
Remote Camera Raise, 3 x 801 auxiliary lights and Rear Facing Mini CC Camera.
Integrated power supply/controller with ICON/InPRO 
Modular universal power supply with 300VDC output 
140m Depth Rating


28th April 2022

Ex-rental Systems available for purchase

6th April 2022

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