Spectis Robotics test new DTG3 ROV at Aberdeen’s Rubislaw Quarry


The new Deep Trekker DTG3 submersible ROV by Spectis Robotics was put to the test in the deep waters of Rubislaw Quarry which has recently became available for the public. The ROV has a number of different features which allow operators to visually inspect any underwater environment.

Spectis Robotics are a specialist provider of many different remotely operated camera systems and robotic crawlers with their products being able to meet any inspection requirement. 

The DTG3’s features and specification make it quick and easy for any operators to be able to deploy and investigate any bodies of water they need.

The ROV has many different components including the tether attached which has the capability to go 200 metres deep in the water and also a battery life of up to 12 hours allowing the ROV to tackle most water environments, additionally there is a 4K Ultra HD low-light camera which allows operators to investigate under water clearly.

Furthermore, the ROV is extremely mobile and can move in all four directions with a top speed of 2.5 knots which makes it much easier for any operators using it to navigate their way around the water.

There is also another model which contains a grabber meaning if there is anything that operators find during their investigation of the water that they want to remove they can. Along with this, another add-on they can use are goggles which can be put on and connected to the ROV giving you the ability to see exactly what the camera sees, like a Virtual Reality headset.

One example of this new product being used was recently when Deep Trekker contacted a remote visual inspection company in Europe to ask how they used their DTG3 to conduct submerged inspections. The company used the DTG3 for a 700-metre pipeline which was laid from shore to a jack-up offshore wind farm to the grid with them looking for any damages to the pipeline. Prior to using the DTG3 they had to deploy a diver for any submerged inspections – this was not only dangerous to the dive team but also costing the company time and money. With the use of the DTG3 it helps them to keep divers safe and save money. The company stated that “Spectis Robotics served us well.”

The location, Rubislaw Quarry, is one that has a lot of history and is described as ‘one of Aberdeen’s greatest hidden treasures.’ As many will know Aberdeen is known as ‘Granite City’ and this is largely thanks to the Rubislaw Quarry as in 1680 the granite on the surface of the quarry was used to build the city of Aberdeen. It is one of the biggest man-made holes in Europe.

Overall, the quarry was the perfect place to test the DTG3 submersible ROV and it’s features with the ROV easily reaching the depth of the quarry – believed to be around 150m deep. The camera was able to see anything that was under the water and ROV could navigate its way around the waters efficiently.


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