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This week on our blog, we are focusing on pushrod cameras and at Spectis Robotics, pushrod cameras are one of many products available along with, camera systems, robotic crawlers and many more. Our wide range of advanced and easy to use products are designed to meet all industry maintenance and inspection needs.

Spectis Robotics is a world-class designer and manufacturer of advanced robotic crawlers and remote-controlled video camera inspection systems. Spectis provides standard off-the-shelf products along with modified systems to meet almost any inspection or tooling requirements. For use in confined spaces and hazardous environments, most of Spectis’​ products are waterproof to at least 30 metres depth. 

Applications include; pipe, caisson and riser inspection, internal and external tank inspection, subsea inspection, remote sampling, duct inspection, task monitoring, search and rescue operations and marine biology activities. Reliability, efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness are emphasised in the design of all equipment, with remotely operated vehicles operating on a rugged, steerable track system and guided by an intuitive control system for ease of operation.

Our focus for this week’s blog is pushrod cameras. All pushrod cameras supplied on the Spectis Robotics website are designed by DEKRA, a German company specialising in vehicle inspections with an aim to ensure the safety of human interaction with technology and the environment. This makes our pushrod products a much-needed necessity within industries, lowering any risk factors included in pipe inspections, removing the human element.

Push rods are used to insert video cameras through a pipe from an opening and is afterwards applied to drive the camera all the way through the pipe during the course of the examination. 

Pushrod cameras are primarily designed to allow pipe inspections to be carried out with ease. This generally means, making the inspection of drains, pipes and sewer systems an easy task, tackling difficult environments without encountering any human risk factors. 

Systems that are designed in a push rod style are manually pushed down the line by the contractor, reaching areas inaccessible to people. Our pushrod cameras are great for making easy work of inspecting pipes and hard to access areas. If you would like any more information on our pushrod camera systems or any other products, please get in touch: info@spectisrobotics.com or let us know of any products you have used and how they helped you, through Spectis Robotics social media!


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