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Here at Spectis Robotics we have decided to start a Blog. We want our customers and followers to be able to keep up to date with our company and the products and learn more about us along the way. We aim to have each blog post featuring a product or service, sharing all the details you need to know.

This month we have chosen the ‘Accumulator Tank Inspection’ case history from Dekra Visatec. Dekra is working to increase safety in a variety of industries through independent inspections, testing and certification processes. District heating accumulator tank inspections are an example of a cost-effective inspection solution without the need for emptying the tanks. These inspections can be performed with either the VT 360 HD camera mounted on carbon poles, or with our recently developed ROV, the VT Delfin. In the largest tanks, these products can also complement drone inspection of critical areas above the water level.

The VT 360 PT HD SW – Full HD seawater resistant camera is a watertight full HD colour camera with 30:1 optical zoom. Equipped with pan-tilt function, integrated LED lighting and extended camera functions making it ideal for all inspections in the nuclear industry.

Applications include:

  • Specially designed for offshore applications- inspections of moonpools, tanks, caissons and risers.
  • All underwater inspections and monitoring applications.
  • Nuclear applications (refuelling, offloading, maintenance).
  • Industrial applications.
  • Decommissioning applications.
  • Operating temperatures 0-60 Degrees Celsius.

Features include:

  • Robust and modular design seawater resistant anodized aluminium (SS optional).
  • Zoom lens 30x optical/ 12x digital.
  • 1080p/ Full-HD resolutions.
  • 2D/3D Noise reduction and visibility enhancer with defog feature.
  • Radiation tolerant.
  • Integrated LED lighting.
  • Depth rated to 50 metres.

The next product, the VT Delphin is a versatile ROV for visual inspections and FOSAR applications in Nuclear Power Plants.

Applications include:

  • RPV and RPV internals.
  • Reactor coolant lines and pumps.
  • Pressurizers.
  • Steam generator primary side system.
  • All FOSAR applications.
  • All tank inspections.
  • Operating temperature 0-60 Degrees Celsius.

Features include:

  • Versatile platform for alternate payloads.
  • High manoeuvrability with 3 axis of movement.
  • Integrated Full-HD PTZ CCD camera or High-Rad PTZ tube camera.
  • Integrated extendable and tiltable gripper VT GTL with 360-degree swivel head.
  • Rear view camera lighting.
  • Depth rated to 50 metres.

For more information on Dekra products, visit our website at https://spectisrobotics.com/


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