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Zenith Vertical Inspection Camera

The Zenith self-stabilising camera system tackles hard to reach, vertical assets up to 500ft with its 30x optical zoom camera that can capture 18MP
still images and 4K video.

Applications & Features

360˚ HD Live viewing

Designed for vertical inspections

2+ hrs of battery run time

Simple single person operation

30x Zoom Camera that can capture 18MP still photos and 4K video recording all while self-stabilising. This system is perfectly suited for detailed visual inspection.

Light up the darkest spaces with a 10,000 Lumen LED light that is brighter than car headlights so you can see even the smallest of defects.

Zenith has the ability to carry a wide variety of payloads, starting with the advanced camera inside the gimbal’s protective housing. Other options include mapping LIDAR and radiological monitoring and infrared camera.

After the inspection, run your photos through the included Photo Measurement Software to get precise defect dimensions.



  • 30x optical zoom, 18MP still photos, 4K video recording


  • 0.8mm at 9m, 1.6mm at 27m


  • 180° Floor to ceiling view


  • Object detection up to 30m


  • 100w / 10,000 lumens

Image Stability

  • Dual axis gimbal system with high precision brushless drives


  • High strength glass infused nylon

Smart Winch System

  • 500ft cable

Available to Rent

This product is available to rent for remote inspection applications across scotland, the united kingdom and beyond. Please get in touch for details.

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