VT 400 PL LED Lighting

A compact powerful lighting unit for illumination of large ponds and tanks where optimal visibility is needed. Perfectly suited for long-time illuminations tasks in reactor vessels or fuel ponds. 

Applications & Features

  • Illumination of ponds and tanks
  • Illumination of vessels
  • Suitable for long-term illumination High illumination with 4 x 85 W LED with an output of 55.000 lm incl. overheating protection
  • LED light optionally dimmable, different reflectors available
  • Stainless steel body
  • High radiation resistant with optional non-browning glass
  • Various frames and holders available, based on customer needs


  • Dimensions/weight: 231 x 73 mm (D x H) – 5,5 kg/9,09in x 2,87in – 12lbs
  • LED lifetime: approx. 50000 h depending on environment LED type: 4 x 85 watts high power
  • LEDs (5700°K) with various reflectors (36°,48°)
  • Power: 110 V / 220 V (internal voltage 48V)
  • Housing: stainless steel
  • Watertight: up to 5 bar/72,5 pis
  • Radiation tolerance: ≥5×104 Gy / 5×106 rad (cumulative dose/total dose)

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