Deep Trekker

SCUVA Underwater Vacuum

The Self-Contained Underwater Vacuum Accessory (SCUVA) is a remotely deployable suction system, capable of recovering sediment and small dropped objects in an underwater environment. Sediment and small objects are captured within an onboard filter, which can be cleaned and re-used, or simply replaced as and when required.

Applications & Features

  • Sediment or small object recovery
  • Tank cleaning
  • Sediment recovery (sampling)
  • Fully compatible with Deep Trekker’s DTG3 ROV
  • 50-micron filtration
  • Re-usable filter bags
  • Multiple nozzle options
  • Adaptable attachment brackets


  • Weight (in air): 1.3kg
  • Weight (in water): -0.3kg
  • Maximum payload (sediment/debris): 750g
  • LWH: 420 x 130 x 215mm
  • Depth rating: 10m
  • Material: Carbon fibre reinforced nylon
  • Operating temp: 2°C – 30°C
  • System power requirements: 12VDC @ 2.0A (3A fuse)
  • Optional power supply: 110-240VAC input 12VDC @ 2.0A output
  • Power connector: Subconn MCBH2M (other options available)

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