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MLT Jack Russell Rugged Crawler

The MLT Jack Russell Robot is a highly-portable, rugged robot. The treaded design and rear flipper arms allow this robot to climb many obstacles other robots can’t touch!

Applications & Features

  • Quiet and quick surveillance – This robot is compact and lightweight, making it easily deployable.
  • Drop resistant – This robot is drop resistant up to 10 feet so it can be tossed into rooms, onto balconies or roof tops, etc.
  • Climbs obstacles – The treaded design and rear flipper arms allow this robot to climb many obstacles that often stop other compact robots.
  • Clearing rooms remotely – Clear rooms and buildings remotely with mobile audio and video surveillance.
  • Hazardous surveillance – Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harm’s way.


  • Rugged: enclosed treaded robot chassis weighs less than 9lbs
  • Throwable: Drop Resistant to 10 feet Dimensions: ~4.4 inches tall, ~9.5 inches wide, ~12.75 inches long
  • Ground clearance: ~1 inches Run time up to 4 hours depending on use
  • Variable speed: up to 120 feet per minute

Operator Control Unit

  • High power Wi-Fi Radio System
  • Tablet with 10” multi touch display
  • Virtual Joysticks that center based on initial touch (allows easy operation without the need to look at the screen to manipulate joysticks
  • Lightweight
  • Tablet individually paired with robot for encrypted security

Options & Upgrades

High Intensity LED Lights
The MLT comes standard with an IR camera for night vision. For added visibility, high intensity LED lights can be mounted to the nose of the robot next to the camera. The lights are wired into the robot’s power and can be controlled by the OCU.

2-way Audio
The MLT is fitted with a microphone along with a high gain amplifier and a speaker for two-way audio. The audio is transmitted back and forth to the remote/OCU.

This option outfits the MLT to with a microphone along with a high gain amplifier for one-way audio. The audio is played over the OCU.

Charger and Storage Case
Multiple chargers mounted inside Pelican foam lined case for easy storage and operation. Automatic Maintenance timer and relay cutoff system. The typical recharge time is 3-4hrs.

Different Style Tactical Controllers
We offer several different style of tactical remote controls including handheld remotes, enclosed case remotes, etc. Contact us for more details.

Secondary Monitoring Station and Repeater
Can be used as a 2nd set of eyes for a 2nd entry team or command monitoring station.

Great for extending the range of your robot when strategically placed.

Pan and Tilt
Instead of the flipper arm, a 360 degree pan and tilt camera system can be installed.

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