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Glimpse Robotic Crawler

Highly portable, battery-operated wireless crawler with full HD camera

Applications & Features

  • Highly compact, splashproof with front and rear rotating arms
  • Battery powered with wireless operation and max obstacle height of 8”
  • Variable intensity LED lighting
  • Full HD colour main camera with 10 x optical zoom
  • Ruggedised controller with 9” HD monitor in a Peli case


  • Range: Up to 2500 ft. with direct line of sight, Deep penetration of walls, floors, ceilings, and other objects is highly dependent on the materials of construction and distance between operator and robot
  • Transport: Robot system comes in a heavy-duty Pelican brand transport case
  • Tether: Included 100 ft. paracord tether line and spool for retrieving robot in case of dead battery or getting stuck
  • Size: 15.3”L x 12.0”W x 6.3”H (stowed configuration)
  • Weight: 14.5 lb.
  • Features: Splash proof, low pressure wash-down, Ruggedised design, Side carry handle, Tether point on tail for emergency retrieval, Replaceable camera lens covers, Protected antennas
  • Drive: Track differential drive, zero point turning, Full proportional speed control with max speed of 3.6mph
  • Climb: Front and rear rotating climbing arms capable of flipping the robot over, From arms rotate continuously 360 degrees, Rears arms rotate 270 degrees, Max obstacle climb height of 8”
  • Lights: Front and rear spot and flood lights (400 lumen, Full proportional dimming control
  • Main Camera: 10X optical zoom HD colour camera (1080p), Tilt function, 90 degrees up and 45 degrees down, Auto focus with manual switch override
  • Backup Camera: Wide angle colour rear facing camera (cannot record from this camera)
  • Recording: Onboard DVR capable of recording digital video to micro-SD in 1080p resolution as well as still photos, Video is recorded onboard robot which avoids any transmission losses due to wireless break up at long range
  • Battery: Robot – 25.6V, 3.2Ah, Li-FePO4 rechargeable removeable battery, Quickswappable, no tools required
  • Run Time: Approx 1 hour on continuous driving and up to 4 hours standby, On-board LED fuel gauge readable with front zoom camera
  • Charging: External charger included, 110-240 Volt AC input, 2-hour charge time, Charge status LED


  • Size: 11.5”L x 13.6”W x 7.0”H
  • Weight: 9.6 lb.
  • Features: Ruggedised design inside Pelican Case, Side carry handle, Simple layout and labelled controls, 9” colour LCD HD monitor (1280×800) with wide viewing angle and high brightness, 2.4GHz spread spectrum wireless control, 5.8GHz wireless video with diversity receiver
  • Drive: 2 axis joystick
  • Climb: Dedicated rocker switch control of both front and rear arms
  • Lights: Independent rotating dials for both front & rear lights
  • Main Camera: Proportional tilt control with 1-axis joystick, Independent zoom and focus toggle switches
  • Backup Camera: Front and rear cameras selectable with toggle switch
  • Recording: Dual toggle switch for recording and still image triggering, 32 GB SD card allows for approximately 4 hours of video
  • Battery: Controller – 12.8V, 3.2 Ah, Li-FEPO4 rechargeable removable battery, Quick-swappable, no tools needed
  • Run Time: Approximately 2 hours continuous operation, On-board LED fuel gauge and on-screen warning for low battery
  • Charging: Integrated internal charger, 110-240 Volt AC input, 2-hour charge time, Charge status LED

Optional Extras

  • FLIR Boson thermal camera
  • Custom mounts for specialty inspection tools such as sondes, moisture meters, temperature sensors, etc.

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