Amphibian Magnetic Inspection Crawler

Amphibian is a robotic platform that enables remote access to large critical infrastructure, such as offshore assets, to carry out inspection and maintenance.

Applications & Features

  • Remote inspection of critical infrastructure 
  • All wheel drive with active traction control
  • Reliable climbing on curved steel surfaces – internal and external
  • Remote inspection of critical infrastructure
  • Multi-sensor enabled localisation and visualisation
  • Cleaning of biofilm and corrosion 
  • Marinised design for underwater operation
  • Mobility over weld caps and plate joints 
  • Automated weld following module


  • Material: Stainless steel or aluminium anodised
  • Dimensions: 870 x 600 x 230mm
  • Weight: 42kg (not including umbilical)
  • Payload: 25kg
  • Operation: Rated to 60m water depth
  • Speed: Variable 0-50mm/s
  • Power supply: 110-240 Vac
  • Power and communications tether: Integrated 60m standard, longer available upon request
  • Control: Command station with rugged PC, user interface and industrial joystick
  • Camera system: Forward and Rearward Facing
  • Video camera formats: HD 1080p
  • NDT integration: A range of advanced NDT can be supported, including UT


  • Surface cleaning: High Pressure Water Jet Module
  • Tether control: Tether Management System
  • Automated Weld Following: Vision-based weld cap following system

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