VT CR Vertical Pipe Crawler

The multifunctional and adaptable crawler is designed for visual inspections of pipes.

Applications & Features

  • Springfeather-loaded legs the crawler adjusts itself to obstacles, uneven surfaces and changes in the cross sections.
  • Various camera systems can be mounted to carry out high-quality visual inspections.
  • Easily adaptable, modular design
  • Available for diameters between 50 and 500 mm
  • Various front cameras available (with integrated lighting)


  • Optionally watertight
  • Tube diameter Depends on model, between 50 and 500 mm
  • Cable length Depends on model, between 20 and 50 metres
  • Dimensions – depends on model
  • Weight – depends on model
  • Housing – Aluminium anodised
  • Speed – 4m / min
  • Watertight optional

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