VT AaL-Flex Pushrod Camera

Compact articulating camera system for inspection in pipes and ductwork with wireless remote controlled and pan & tilt functions.


  • Interchangeable camera heads make the system adaptable to any needs, e.g. pipe inspections between 40 and 300 mm diameter.
  • Can be equipped with a push cable length up to 70 metres.
  • The flexible documentation unit has a built-in 8“ LCD monitor and an SD-card recorder for videos and stillshots.
  • Can be combined with optional software for further analysis. 
  • Can be equipped with data and text inserter, positioning system, laser measurement and battery backup.


  • Pan and tilt camera head DS1W – BUS
  • 360° continuous rotation/270° tilt
  • Reset to zero position
  • Automatic levelling of image (manual off)
  • Very bright LED-light, dimmable
  • Illuminates pipes up to 400mm diameter
  • Focus: fixed focus
  • 87° articulation for pipe turn-offs
  • Depth rating: 1 bar/10m with internal pressure measurement
  • Optional: Pan and tilt angles in picture/Laser measurement

Options & Upgrades

Interchangeable camera heads
Pan and tilt camera DS1W-BUS (Featured)
Axial camera head H3W-BUS
Axial camera A2W-BUS

Articulating DS1W
Manual articulation in combination with DS1W camera head to get in view in turnoffs in pipes

Positioning system
Compass for quick location of probe and camera up to a depth of 7m

Wireless remote control
Wireless remote control for BUS-systems for all camera options

Guide skid
Guiding unit with 6 wheels for all camera heads. Supports pipe diameters from NW 150 up to NW 250

WinCan v8 for inspections WinCAn v8 Entry / Pro Touch WinCanPIT

Protection cap
Use for protection while push operations. Usable on H3W. Supports diameters from NW 100 up to NW 150

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