Deep Trekker

DT340X Battery Pipe Crawler

Built for pipe inspections as small as 8in diameter, the DT340X Pipe Crawler is fully submersible and battery operated, removing the need for a generator or onsite power supply.

Applications & Features

No topside power or boxes required

Portable and compact carrying cases

Software integrations

Fully waterproof system

PTZ HD camera

Wheel and track options

All-in-one control system

Optional powered reel



  • Length: 710mm (27.95”)
  • Width: 141mm (5.55”)
  • Height: 151mm (5.96”)
  • Weight: 16.6kg (36.59lb)
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, High Strength Sapphire
  • Depth Rating: 50m (164 ft)
  • Viewing Capability: Pipelines 200mm (8”) Diameter to 900mm (36”) Centre
  • Wheels: 4 (optional sizes)
  • Tracks: Optional
  • Turn Radius: 0mm (0”)
  • Speed: 12m/min
  • Operating Temp: -5 to 40˚c (23-104˚f)
  • Warranty: 1 Year – parts and labour


  • Resolution: Color 1/4” CCD, 700HD tvl, 1.0
  • Lux, 10x optical, 12x digital, Auto shutter, auto/manual focus
  • Lights: Dimmable, Shadowless led flood
  • Camera Head: Pan tilt zoom, Tilt 280˚, Pan Infinite (continuous)

Electrical System

  • System: 19.2 VDC (Lithium Batteries)
  • Battery Run Time: 4-8 Hours
  • Battery Recharge: 1.5 Hours
  • Sensors: Incline, Roll, Leak, Camera Pan/Tilt

Drive System

  • Power: Planetary Gear Motor (2 pieces)
  • Wheel Control: Steerable, Cruise Control, Infinitely Variable (Forward & Reverse) Drive System (cont)
  • Gear Train: High Strength Oversized Gears
  • Final Drives: Magnetically Coupled


  • Tether Diameter: 6.2mm (0.24”)
  • Tether Length: 200-400m (164-1,312ft)
  • Tether Construction: Polyurethane Outer Jacket with Embedded Synthetic Fibres Minimum Breaking Strength: 450kg (1000lb)
  • Reel Construction: Industrial tough; IP68
  • Reel Intelligence: Standalone Hall Effect Tether, Length Counter (Optional)
  • Reel Capacity: 400m (1,312ft)
  • Reel Operation: Manual Coil, Active Free-Wheel, Free-wheel uncoil with Guide, Powered Reel

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